5 Real Estate Side Hustles: Boost Your Income Now

Are you looking to make more money and check out new opportunities in real estate? Whether you’re already in this field or just thinking about it, trying a real estate side hustle could be great. It not only brings in extra cash but also lets you follow your passion and gain experience.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re into hosting places on Airbnb or investing with REITs. These gigs can match your interests and financial goals.

Ready to boost your income? Let’s explore these exciting real estate side hustles together. You’ll learn about great opportunities to grow.

Real Estate Side Hustles

  • Explore 5 lucrative real estate side hustle options to boost your income.
  • Discover how hosting rental properties on platforms like Airbnb can generate a steady stream of cash.
  • Learn about the earning potential and benefits of investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs).
  • Find out how to offer notary services as a valuable side business.
  • Understand the benefits of property management and how it can provide a steady income stream.

Host a Rental Property on Airbnb or Neighbor

Platforms like Airbnb or Neighbor offer a great way to make extra money from your property. If you have empty rooms or a whole house, you can use it. The demand for vacation rentals is high in popular places.

Becoming a host on Airbnb or Neighbor can give you a steady cash flow. It’s a smart way to earn more from your rental. These platforms make it easy to connect with travelers looking for a special stay.

When you list your property, show off its best features and perks. Talk about the great location, fun nearby places, and anything else unique. Good photos and detailed write-ups can help you get more bookings.

Benefits of Hosting a Rental Property

  • Make regular extra money from your rental
  • Enjoy the high demand for vacation spots
  • Options to rent out parts or the whole house
  • Chance to meet new people and have fun experiences

Managing your rental can have some challenges. Hiring a manager can make things like talking to guests and upkeep easier. A cleaning team can also keep your place ready for the next visitors.

Hosting on Airbnb or Neighbor can be very profitable, especially in appealing areas. It’s a flexible way to use your property and boost your income.

Hosting PlatformProsCons
  • Big global user base
  • Easy-to-use platform and booking
  • Set your own prices and rules
  • High competition in sought-after spots
  • Guests can have high expectations
  • Booking cancellations can happen
  • Specializes in storage and parking
  • Make passive income from unused space
  • User-friendly with secure payments
  • Storage might not always be available
  • Owners handle maintenance and safety
  • Extra insurance might be needed

Invest in REITs

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are a great way for you to get into real estate easily. They allow you to earn income regularly through dividends. This makes them appealing for those wanting passive income from real estate.

REITs are businesses that own and manage properties that make money. These include malls, apartments, hotels, and offices. By putting money into REITs, you’re investing in these properties. You will gain from the profits they make.

You can make money from REITs through the rent collected and the value increase of the properties. As a shareholder, you get a share of the profits as dividends. This lets you earn real estate income without the hassle of managing properties or tenants.

One benefit of REIT investment is that it spreads out your risk. You are not just investing in one building, but many, in various places. This reduces the chance of losing money because one property’s failure won’t ruin your investment.

Before investing in REITs, research is key. Look for REITs that have a good history, manage their properties well, and consistently pay dividends. Also, consider the type and location of properties they own. This affects how well your investment might do.

REITs offer a chance to make money from real estate with the bonus of passive investing. They are good for those who want to spread out their investments. And they offer a regular income from the property market.

REIT investing

Investing in REITs might give you a stable income and a chance for growth over time.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding is a fresh way to invest in property projects. It doesn’t need owning property yourself or having a lot of money upfront. With this method, investors come together to put their money into real estate deals. They then get passive income.

One key benefit of real estate crowdfunding is it lets you invest passively. You can get into projects like housing or office buildings, rentals, or buying land. By putting your money into various projects on crowdfunding sites, you spread out your risk. This can lead to nice returns.

Crowdfunding in real estate has several upsides. Firstly, it makes entering the real estate market easier with less money than buying directly. This lets you get involved in the market without needing a lot of capital or deep industry knowledge.

Next, crowdfunding makes investing in real estate simpler and more accessible. Before, investing meant lots of research, negotiating, and paperwork. Now, with crowdfunding websites, you can find and pick projects that match your goals easily. And you can do it all from home.

Still, it’s important to understand the possible downsides of real estate crowdfunding. Even though these platforms check out projects, some might not finish or grow as hoped. As an investor, you must carefully look at each project’s details and risks before you invest.

Benefits of Real Estate Crowdfunding:

  • Diversification: Real estate crowdfunding lets investors spread their money across different projects.
  • Lower Barrier to Entry: You can join real estate projects with less money than buying properties outright.
  • Passive Income Potential: There’s a chance to make passive income through dividends or rent.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Crowdfunding sites offer an easy and accessible way to invest in real estate from anywhere.

Potential Risks of Real Estate Crowdfunding:

  • Project Risks: Some real estate projects might not finish or might not grow as expected.
  • Lack of Liquidity: You might find it hard to get out of investments in real estate crowdfunding before the project is done.
  • Regulatory and Legal Considerations: Know the laws and rules about real estate crowdfunding where you live.

By choosing investment chances wisely and knowing the risks, real estate crowdfunding can be a good choice. It lets you spread out your investments, make passive income, and get into the real estate market. And you don’t need to own properties directly.

Offer Notary Services

If you’re looking for a side business that offers flexibility and high demand, consider offering notary services. Being a notary means I witness the signing of vital legal documents. This role is important for confirming the truth of these documents.

One special part of being a notary is I can be a mobile notary. This means I go to where my clients are. It’s great for those who are busy, elderly, or can’t move around much.

Starting as a mobile notary doesn’t cost much and the training is easy in some places. You usually need to take a course and pass a test. Then, you can start your business and get known in your area.

This side job has many benefits. It adds to my income and fits around my other work. It’s perfect for anyone with a busy life or another job.

To promote my notary services, I use online platforms and connect with local professionals. Being active on social media, and networking with lawyers and banks helps a lot. This way, I get more clients and more referrals.

Mobile notaries offer many services, like signing loans or marriage licenses. Having a variety of services means more clients and better earnings.

notary services
Benefits of Offering Notary Services
Flexible schedule
Low startup costs
High demand for notary services
Opportunity for repeat business and referrals
Ability to expand service offerings
Potential to earn a significant side income

Notary services as a side job can be rewarding and profitable. It takes some initial investment and marketing. But, the chance for financial growth and happiness is high. Whether you’re mobile or in an office, notary services are always needed. This means you’ll always have clients.

Property Management

Managing rental properties can be a lucrative side gig. The demand for these services is growing fast. If you’ve worked as a real estate agent, you’re already set to shine in this role.

As a property manager, you handle the everyday tasks of properties. This includes rentals homes, duplexes, apartments, and Airbnb spots. Your job is to find tenants, collect rent, fix issues, and follow local laws.

One of the benefits of property management is the steady income. Property managers earn a share of the rent. This means a steady and reliable extra income.

Another plus is the job’s flexibility. A lot of property management work can be done from anywhere. This is great if you have other jobs or responsibilities.

The Benefits of Property Management

  • Steady income stream from percentage-based rental fees
  • Flexibility to work from home or remotely
  • Opportunity to apply your real estate expertise and knowledge
  • Ability to build relationships with tenants and property owners
  • Expand your professional network in the real estate industry

Property management can be rewarding if you love real estate. With the necessary skills and dedication, it can be profitable. Enjoy the perks of the booming rental market!


Having a real estate side hustle can diversify your income. This gives you more financial flexibility. By looking into different real estate side hustles, you can up your income and have a solid financial base.

One great thing about real estate side hustles is investing in yourself. You might host rental properties, get into REITs, offer notary services, or try other ideas in real estate. These extra income ways let you grow your skills and earn more.

Real estate side hustles also help you learn and grow. You can pick up new skills or improve what you already know by diving into the real estate world. This boosts your career and may lead to new business chances.

With extra income sources, you get better financial stability. This lets you tackle debts, save for a big trip, or explore new investment chances. A real estate side hustle frees you to chase your dreams.


What are some real estate side hustles I can pursue?

You can try many real estate side hustles. Renting out properties on Airbnb or Neighbor, investing in REITs, and real estate crowdfunding are some options. You could also offer notary services or manage properties.

How can I make money by hosting vacation rentals?

A: Airbnb and Neighbor let you host vacation rentals. You can rent out spare rooms or your entire home. Doing this in a sought-after location can bring you good money.

What are REITs and how can I invest in them?

REITs own and manage real estate like malls and apartments. Investing in them offers a chance for monthly income. This way, you can earn from real estate without directly owning property.

What is real estate crowdfunding and how does it work?

Real estate crowdfunding allows you to invest with others in property projects. It’s a way to invest without buying property or spending a lot upfront.

How can I start offering notary services as a side business?

Become a notary public by taking a course and passing an exam. As a notary, you’ll witness legal document signings. Consider being a mobile notary to offer more flexible services.

How can I get started in property management?

Experience in real estate? Try property management. It involves managing rentals and can be profitable. This is great for helping landlords who live far or own commercial spaces.
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