4 Easy Gigs For Income: What are Good Side Hustles

Looking for ways to boost your income and try new business ideas? Side hustles might be your solution. They’re great for anyone — whether you’re home all day, work full-time, study, or anything in between. Side hustles offer a flexible, profitable way to earn extra.

Wondering which side hustles are worth your time? Want to know the most profitable ones? And what options do you have? You’re not alone in these questions.

In this piece, I’m going to share 4 top side hustle ideas. They come from trusted platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.com, and popular apps like Rover, Care.com, Wag!, and TaskRabbit. Whether your skills are in freelancing, pet sitting, tech setup, or something else, you’ll find a side hustle just right for you.

So, if you’re eager to increase your income and explore new opportunities, keep reading. Find the side hustle that matches you best.

What are Good Side Hustles

  • Side hustles can provide a flexible and lucrative way to make extra money.
  • There are numerous reputable platforms and apps that offer side hustle opportunities.
  • Freelancing, pet sitting, and tech setup services are just a few of the top side hustle ideas.
  • By exploring different side hustles, you can find opportunities that align with your skills and interests.
  • Take the first step towards financial independence by starting a side hustle today.


Freelancing is a great side job that lets you work project by project. This gives you the chance to try different jobs. From drawing to writing, and developing websites, there’s a lot you can do. Are you creative or skilled in a certain area? Freelancing might be a good way for you to make extra money.

Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.com connect freelancers with people who need their work. You can show off your skills, build your portfolio, and find jobs that fit you. There are lots of jobs for different skills, like design, writing, and more.

Starting with these platforms is a good idea, but having your own site makes you look more professional. Your website can show your best work and help you get found by clients. This can make a big difference in your freelance career.

As a freelancer, getting better at what you do is important. Keeping up with new trends can help you get better jobs. Joining groups, going to webinars, and getting new certifications can make you stand out. This can lead to more work and better pay.

Freelancing is flexible, whether you’re experienced or just starting. With hard work and good marketing, it can be a key way to earn money. It’s all about being dedicated and using smart strategies to grow.

Pet Sitting and Doggie Day Care

Pet sitting is a great side job for those who love animals. As a pet sitter, I look after pets in their homes while their owners are away. I ensure they get love, attention, and care.

To start as a pet sitter, it’s key to know local rules. Some places might need permits for pet sitting. Following these rules builds trust with your clients.

Finding pet-sitting jobs is easy on apps like Rover and Care.com. These sites help me show off my services and set my prices. They also have tools for booking and safe payments.

I can also offer extra services like pet insurance. This gives pet owners peace of mind. It also lets me earn more while taking good care of pets.

If you love animals and want a meaningful side job, try pet sitting or doggie day care. You’ll bond with pets and earn extra money, too.

in-home pet care

Benefits of Pet Sitting and Doggie Day Care

  • Flexibility: As a pet sitter, you can choose your work hours. It fits easily into most schedules.
  • Low startup costs: You don’t need much to start. Just a love for animals and some basic supplies.
  • Repeat clients: Good care leads to long-term clients and referrals. This can grow your business.
  • Health benefits: Looking after pets can make you feel good. It’s a joyful and rewarding job.

Ready to turn your love for animals into a job? Try pet sitting and doggie day care. With apps like Rover and Care.com, it’s easy to connect with pet owners and care for pets. Start your pet-sitting journey today!

Dog Walking

If you love dogs and want a flexible job, dog walking is a great choice. You get to hang out with cute dogs and exercise. Plus, you make extra money.

In cities, many dog owners need help walking their pets. You can find work using apps like Wag!, TimetoPet, and Rover. These apps help connect you with dog owners who need walkers.

These apps give you access to people looking for dog walkers. You can show off your experience and love for dogs in your profile. The apps offer tools for scheduling, chatting, and getting paid.

You can also run your dog walking business by yourself. Tell locals about your services and become a well-known dog walker. Tools from services like Square can help you book clients and get paid.


Benefits of Dog Walking as a Side Hustle

There are many good things about dog walking:

  • Flexibility: Pick your hours and how many walks you do.
  • Physical activity: It keeps you moving and healthy.
  • Interacting with animals: You get to bond with dogs.
  • Extra income: It’s a way to make more money.
  • Opportunity to build relationships: Regular walks can lead to lasting friendships with owners and pets.

Tips for a Successful Dog Walking Side Hustle

To do well in dog walking, follow these tips:

  1. Be reliable: Always be on time and provide good service to earn trust.
  2. Communication: Talk openly with clients about their dogs’ needs.
  3. Ensure safety: Prioritize the dogs’ safety by avoiding dangers.
  4. Promote your services: Use social media and local boards to market yourself.
  5. Expanding your services: Think about adding more services like pet sitting.

Tech Setup Services

If you’re a tech whiz and looking for a profitable side hustle, offering tech setup services can be a great option. As technology continues to advance, many people need assistance with setting up their home networks, smart home devices, computers, and cell phones.

With the increasing demand for tech setup services, there are numerous opportunities to find clients and showcase your expertise. One effective way to market your skills is through social media platforms, where you can highlight your experience and offer tips on tech setup and troubleshooting.

Handyman apps like HelloTech and TaskRabbit can also be invaluable for connecting with potential clients who require assistance with their tech setup. These platforms provide a convenient way for customers to find qualified professionals like yourself, making it easier to establish your tech setup business.

Obtaining relevant tech certifications can significantly enhance your credibility and attract more clients. Certifications such as CompTIA A+, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) can demonstrate your technical expertise and proficiency in handling various tech-related tasks.

Insurance is another crucial aspect to consider when offering tech setup services. It provides protection for both you and your clients in case of any accidental damages or liabilities that may occur during the setup process. Make sure to inquire about professional liability insurance specifically tailored for tech professionals.

By providing reliable and efficient tech setup services, you can establish a reputation as a go-to professional in your area. Building a satisfied customer base through word-of-mouth recommendations and positive online reviews can further enhance the growth of your tech setup side hustle.

Remember, as you gain experience and knowledge in the tech industry, you can also diversify your services and explore other areas like troubleshooting, computer repairs, and software installations. These additional skills will allow you to expand your client base and generate more income.

ServiceAverage Price Range
Home Network Setup and Configuration$100 – $300
Smart Home Device Installation$50 – $150 per device
Computer Setup and Optimization$80 – $150
Cell Phone Setup and Data Transfer$50 – $100

These prices are just a guideline, and the final cost may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the task, time required, and the location. It’s important to assess each job individually and provide clear pricing to your clients upfront.


Side hustles are great for making extra money and trying new business ideas. You can pick from many options, like freelancing, pet sitting, and setting up tech. These fit your skills and what you like to do.

To make more money from side hustles, you need to promote yourself well and use digital tools. Also, providing top-notch service is crucial. You need to be dedicated and determined to earn more and reach your financial goals.

Don’t wait to get started. Dive into the side hustle world and increase your earnings. With the perfect side hustle and a go-getter attitude, you can make more money. Enjoy the benefits of all your hard work.


What are some good side hustles to boost your income?

To boost your income, consider freelancing, pet sitting, or dog walking. Tech setup services are also a great choice.

What kind of freelancing opportunities are available?

Freelancing can include graphic design, writing, or editing. You can also explore website development, video editing, or interior decorating. Mechanics, bookkeeping, and real estate are good options too.

How can I find freelance clients?

Find clients by using platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.com. Having your own website also makes you look professional.

How can I start a pet sitting business?

Start by signing up on Rover or Care.com for pet sitting. Also, check local laws for any permit requirements.

What are some apps I can use to find dog walking gigs?

For dog walking gigs, try apps like Wag!, TimetoPet, and Rover. Square’s free tools can help manage your bookings and payments too.

How can I offer tech setup services as a side hustle?

Market your tech skills on social media and apps like HelloTech and TaskRabbit. Having tech certifications and insurance boosts your credibility.

How can side hustles help boost my income and explore new business ideas?

Side hustles let you earn extra cash and test out business ideas. They help use your skills and interests to up your earnings.
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