4 Best Outdoor Side Hustles – Earn More!

Are you tired of the office life every day? Want to make extra money while enjoying nature? You’re in luck! There’s a whole world of outdoor side hustles out there. You can work under the sun and increase your income. From cleaning pools to watching for forest fires, the choices are many. But how do you know which outdoor job is right for you?

In this article, I’ll show you the best outdoor side hustles. These gigs let you enjoy the beauty of nature and earn more. You’ll find out about different outdoor jobs and side projects. These can change how you think and make you curious. So, are you ready to enjoy the great outdoors and earn more?

Outdoor Side Hustles Revealed

  • Outdoor side hustles offer a way to make extra money and enjoy the outdoors.
  • There are lots of outdoor jobs available, from cleaning pools to forest fire lookout roles.
  • These ideas for making money outdoors can challenge what you think and lead to new business opportunities.
  • Choosing the right outdoor side hustle can spark your creativity and increase your income.
  • So, why wait? Dive into the world of outdoor side hustles and start enjoying the benefits today!

Pool Cleaning – Embrace the Outdoors and Earn Money

Want to make extra money while enjoying the sun outdoors? Pool cleaning is the answer! It’s great in warm places. Pool owners need help to keep their pools clean. This job lets you get fresh air, exercise, and offer a needed service.

In summer, everyone wants a clean pool for fun outside. This means more jobs for pool cleaners. With great cleaning and being reliable, you’ll get many customers. They’ll also tell others about you.

It’s easy and cheap to start cleaning pools. You just need simple tools and to learn about pool care. This makes you the go-to person for a clean pool.

Benefits of Pool Cleaning as a Side Hustle

Pool cleaning as a side job is full of perks:

  • Flexibility: As a pool cleaner, you pick your work times. This lets you manage work and personal life easily.
  • Physical activity: Pool cleaning is active work. It’s perfect if you’d rather move than sit at a desk. It keeps you fit and happy outdoors.
  • Low start-up costs: You don’t need much money to begin. A small budget is enough for the necessary equipment and supplies.
  • Repeat business: Happy clients come back. Regular pool care means a steady income for you.

Pool cleaning is a great side hustle or a way to dive into outdoor business. It offers sunshine, flexible hours, and money. It’s perfect for those who love summer and clean pools.

Benefits of Pool Cleaning as a Side Hustle 
FlexibilityEasily manage your own schedule
Physical activityStay fit while working outdoors
Low start-up costsMinimal investment required to get started
Repeat businessBuild a loyal customer base for ongoing income
pool cleaning

Forest Fire Lookout – A Unique and Adventurous Outdoor Side Hustle

Do you love nature, seek adventure, and enjoy being alone? Then, being a forest fire lookout might be perfect for you. In this job, you watch for forest fires from a lookout tower. You’re surrounded by nature’s beauty and help prevent disasters.

This job lets you connect with nature and work remotely. You’ll leave the usual office behind for the great outdoors. Whether you’re in the mountains or a forest, each day brings amazing views and fresh experiences.

Working as a fire lookout can also be financially rewarding. You might earn between $12 and $20 an hour. This helps you earn extra or follow other dreams. Plus, you might get free housing and meals, making it even more attractive.

But, you’ll need certain skills for this job. Physical fitness is a must, as you may hike to your post. You should be okay with working alone for long periods. It’s also critical to pay close attention to the surroundings to spot fires quickly.

The Rewards of Being a Forest Fire Lookout

  • A unique opportunity to work outdoors and connect with nature.
  • The ability to embrace adventure and solitude.
  • Potential for remote work and flexible schedules.
  • A decent hourly wage, typically ranging from $12 to $20.
  • Additional benefits such as free housing and meals in some positions.

If nature calls to you and you want a side hustle with adventure and purpose, consider becoming a forest fire lookout. This choice lets you protect our natural landscapes while enjoying their beauty.

forest fire lookout

Car Detailing – Transform Vehicles and Make Extra Cash Outdoors

Car detailing is a great outdoor side hustle. It taps into my love for cars and my eye for detail. In this role, I clean and refresh cars inside and out, making them look new. This mobile job offers freedom and fits my schedule.

I started this business with the right tools like a pro pressure washer, a strong vacuum, and quality towels. These help me do an excellent job and keep customers happy. I focus on making cars shine, removing tough stains, and cleaning the interior well.

Car detailing services are always in demand, especially in summer. I promote my services at car events and online, attracting many customers. Working with local auto businesses also helps.

Why Choose Car Detailing as an Outdoor Side Hustle?

Car detailing is a top choice for many reasons:

  • Flexibility: Being mobile, I decide my work hours and locations. This allows me to have a good work-life balance.
  • Low Startup Costs: Starting a car detailing business doesn’t cost much. With the right tools and a love for cars, success is possible.
  • Customer Satisfaction: It’s rewarding to see clients happy with their detailed car. This job is about making cars look amazing and keeping customers pleased.

Car detailing has become a key part of my journey. It combines my car passion with the pleasure of outdoor work. With dedication and creativity, I transform cars and earn extra money outdoors.

Landscaping – Unleash Your Creativity and Boost Curb Appeal

Landscaping is perfect for those who love gardening and creating beautiful outdoor areas. If you enjoy designing, planting, and taking care of gardens and lawns, this could be for you. You can make properties look better and more inviting.

It’s pretty easy to start your own landscaping business. You just need some basic tools like a lawnmower, trimmer, and shovel. This gig lets you pick your own work hours and clients, whether working by yourself or with a team. It also has room for you to grow your business.

People want landscaping services more in the summer. They want to make their homes look better or get ready for special events. With your creativity and knowledge about plants, you can create unique and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Talking to clients well is very important. By understanding what clients want, you can make sure your designs fit their needs. Being dependable, careful, and good at communicating will make clients happy. This helps you get loyal customers.

Benefits of Landscaping as an Outdoor Side Hustle

  1. Opportunity to work outdoors and enjoy nature while doing what you love
  2. Flexibility to set your own schedule and choose your clients
  3. Potential for creative expression and the satisfaction of transforming outdoor spaces
  4. Possibility of expanding your landscaping business and hiring a team for larger projects
  5. The growing demand for landscaping services, especially during the summer months

To be successful, you need to be good at designing and love plants and nature. Keep learning about new landscaping ideas and methods. This will help you do great work for your clients.

If you’re someone who has a green thumb and loves making places look beautiful, think about landscaping as your side job. Get ready to use your creativity, make places look great, and turn your gardening hobby into a money-making business.

Conclusion – Explore the Great Outdoors and Grow Your Income

Outdoor side hustles mix your love for nature with making extra money. Jobs like pool cleaning, forest fire lookout, car detailing, and starting a landscaping business are some options. Each one lets you work outside and enjoy Mother Nature.

Digital lovers can make content on YouTube or blog about outdoor adventures. Other options include selling microgreens, dog walking, becoming a deckhand, or cleaning headstones. You can even try homesteading.

Outdoor side hustles let you breathe fresh air, follow your heart, and earn more. With smart tips and effort, they can be very successful. So, dive into the outdoors, explore different side hustles, and boost your income.


What are some outdoor side hustles?

Outdoor side hustles are quite varied. They include pool cleaning, jobs as a forest fire lookout, and car detailing. You can also start a landscaping business, create outdoor content, or sell microgreens. Other options are dog walking, becoming a deckhand, cleaning headstones, or homesteading.

How do I start a pool cleaning business?

Starting a pool cleaning business means learning the trade and getting the right gear. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about your service. This helps you become known as a reliable pool cleaner.

What is a forest fire lookout job?

A forest fire lookout job involves keeping an eye out for signs of forest fires. You work in a lookout tower in a beautiful, remote area.

How do I start a car detailing business?

To start a car detailing business, you need some basic tools. You’ll need a pressure washer, a vacuum, and microfiber towels. It’s important to love what you do and to be creative and handy.

What does a landscaping business involve?

Running a landscaping business means designing and caring for outdoor spaces. It’s about making places look good. You need to love being outdoors, have a good design sense, and be great with people.

What are some outdoor side hustle tips for success?

Tips for succeeding in an outdoor side hustle include getting the right skills and tools. Always aim to provide the best service. Work on building a good reputation. Always try to be the best in what you do.
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