5 Best Side Hustles for Nurses: Top Picks for Extra Income

Earning extra cash can lead to big financial wins. In the US, about 60 million people have a side hustle. Nurses, with their wide range of skills, can really improve their income. They are great at communication and solving problems. They’re also good at paying attention to details and adapting. This article discusses the best side hustles for nurses. These jobs can provide extra money and use nursing skills too.

Are you ready to find out about side hustles? They could increase your income as a nurse.

Best Side Hustles for Nurses

  • Discover side hustle options that leverage your nursing skills to boost your income.
  • Use your clinical expertise to participate in paid medical surveys.
  • Consider becoming an immunization nurse to administer flu shots and vaccinations.
  • Tap into your writing abilities and become a freelance health writer.
  • Explore the growing field of telehealth nursing and provide healthcare services remotely.

Paid Medical Surveys: Use Your Clinical Expertise to Earn Extra Cash

Are you a nurse looking to earn some extra income? Paid medical surveys are a great way for nurses to offer their opinions and know-how. You can also make some extra money.

These surveys can be done online, via phone studies, or at in-person focus groups. For medical companies, what nurses know and think is very important. Your knowledge can help shape new health products, services, and treatments. By doing paid medical surveys, you help medical research grow and get paid too.

Several trusted companies focus on surveys for nurses. Here are a few to check out:

  1. M3 Global Research: This company runs various surveys and focus groups for healthcare workers. Join them to share your thoughts and get paid.
  2. Focus Group Health: They organize both in-person and online groups for healthcare pros. Join to discuss topics and get paid for your input.
  3. Incrowd: As a leader in healthcare market insights, Incrowd offers quick online surveys. Join them to earn rewards fast.

These companies appreciate your expertise and time, paying you for taking part in surveys. So, why not use your clinical skills to earn extra money with paid medical surveys?

Benefits of Participating in Paid Medical Surveys:

  • Earn extra money while sharing your expertise and opinions.
  • Help with the creation of new healthcare products and services.
  • Keep up with the latest medical trends and advancements.
  • Choose from many survey options, like online, phone, or in-person.
  • Work at your pace on surveys that interest you.

For nurses, paid medical surveys are a great deal. They let you earn extra cash and influence healthcare’s future. If you have clinical knowledge, why not use it to make a difference and earn some money?

Immunization Nurse: Administer Flu Shots for Extra Income

As an immunization nurse, you can make extra money by giving flu shots and other vaccines. You can work in places like health centers, drive-through, curbside clinics, mobile units, and at people’s homes. This job can be a great side hustle.

The need for vaccinations, like the flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine, has gone up. This means more jobs for immunization nurses. As a flu shot nurse, you help keep communities safe and healthy.

If you want this side job, you need a nursing license, CPR training, and experience with shots. It’s important to know the latest vaccine rules and possible side effects. This helps you give safe and effective shots.

Benefits of Being an Immunization Nurse

  • Flexible working hours: You can set your own schedule. This lets you work around other commitments while making extra money.
  • Contribution to public health: By giving shots, you’re stopping diseases and protecting people who are at risk.
  • Networking opportunities: You’ll meet many healthcare professionals. This can help you make important connections.
  • Enhancement of clinical skills: Giving shots improves your precision and attention to detail. This makes you a better nurse.

Job Outlook and Income Potential

The demand for flu shot nurses looks strong, especially now with a focus on stopping diseases before they start. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says nursing jobs will grow by 7% between 2019 and 2029.

How much you earn can change based on where you are, your experience, and where you work. On average, flu shot nurses make $25 to $40 an hour.

Some places offer extra money or bonuses depending on your work and how many shots you give. This can help you earn more.

The Fulfillment of Making a Difference

Giving flu shots and vaccines does more than add to your income. It brings a deep sense of joy and pride. You’ll know you’re keeping people healthy and stopping diseases from spreading.

Think about becoming a flu shot nurse. It’s a good side job that uses your skills, helps you make more money, and has a big impact on people’s health.

flu shot nurse

Freelance Health Writer: Share Your Clinical Insights and Expertise

If you’re a nurse who loves to write, think about becoming a freelance health writer. Many companies seek nurse writers for their deep knowledge of healthcare. This opens doors to various freelance opportunities, enabling you to make extra money and apply your nursing skills.

As a freelance health writer, the work you do varies. You might create content for websites, blogs, educational materials, journals, email campaigns, patient brochures, and magazines. Your experience in nursing makes you perfect for this. You can create content that speaks to healthcare experts and patients alike.

One big plus of being a freelance health writer is the freedom it brings. You pick your hours, choose projects that interest you, and work from any location. This flexibility helps you find a good balance between work and life while following your writing passion.

Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs:

  • Freelance Writing Gigs
  • Indeed
  • Scripted
  • Upwork

Do you like sharing your nursing insights, teaching healthcare topics, or telling engaging stories? Freelance health writing lets you use your creativity and knowledge. Why not dive into freelance writing as a nurse? It’s a rewarding side job that boosts your income and impacts lives positively.

Telehealth Nurse: Provide Healthcare Services Remotely

In today’s digital world, telehealth nursing is a key way for nurses to give care from afar. As a telehealth nurse, I use technology to give top-notch care to patients in their homes. With video calls and online tools, I check on patients, help them handle their health issues, and offer advice without meeting face to face.

The need for telehealth nursing has shot up recently, by 53% since 2017. This boost is because it’s convenient for both patients and health workers. It lets patients get care from anywhere, breaking down distance and travel issues. Plus, it eases the load on physical healthcare places, especially when they are swamped or during crises.

For success as a telehealth nurse, having 3 to 5 years of RN experience is advisable. It builds a strong base of clinical knowledge and skills. You’ll need a valid RN license, and a multi-state license could open more doors. Being good with computers is a must since you’ll work with different digital tools.

If you’re keen on remote nursing work, several job boards list telehealth positions. Check out Indeed, Flexjobs, and Nurse.com for jobs that match your expertise.

Adopting telehealth nursing has expanded my career and positively impacted patient care. It has enriched my nursing path and provided a flexible extra job. As virtual healthcare grows, telehealth nursing is a great option for nurses looking for more income and fulfillment.

telehealth nurse
Benefits of Telehealth NursingChallenges of Telehealth Nursing
– Convenient and accessible healthcare for patients
– Reduction in travel costs and time
– Increased flexibility for nurses
– Improved efficiency in delivering care
– Limited physical assessment capabilities
– Potential technological issues
– Establishing rapport and trust remotely
– Adapting to virtual communication methods

Sell Your Scrubs and Nurse Gear: Turn Clutter into Cash

Are you a nurse with a lot of gently used scrubs, jackets, books, and equipment? Don’t just let them sit there gathering dust. Selling your nurse gear is a smart way to clean up your home and make some money.

There are several places you can sell your nurse gear quickly and with ease. Here are a few popular choices:

  1. eBay: Its global reach and large audience make eBay a great spot to sell your nurse gear.
  2. Poshmark: For those who want a fashion-focused market, Poshmark is perfect. It’s easy to use and great for trendy clothes.
  3. Mercari: Mercari lets you sell a variety of items, including nurse gear. It’s known for being simple and easy to navigate.
  4. Facebook Marketplace: Using social media, Facebook Marketplace connects you with local buyers looking for nurse gear.

When selling your gear, price it right based on condition, brand, and demand. Use high-quality photos and detailed descriptions to draw in buyers. Your items can be very valuable to healthcare workers wanting to save on uniforms.

Comparison of Nurse Gear Selling Platforms

eBayWide reach, large pool of buyers
PoshmarkFashion-oriented, trendy clothing focus
MercariSimple and user-friendly interface
Facebook MarketplaceLocal connections, targeted audience

Selling your nurse gear not only frees up your space. It also supports a green economy by promoting item reuse in the nursing world. So, turn those items you no longer need into cash!

Selling gently used nurse gear benefits everyone. It helps you tidy up, earn extra money, and gives others affordable uniform options. Start selling today and change clutter into cash!


As a nurse, you have many side hustle opportunities. These can give you extra money and use your nursing skills. You could do paid medical surveys, work as an immunization nurse, write about health, or sell used nurse gear. Each path has its own perks.

These side jobs can boost your finances, help with professional growth, and offer new income sources. Using your skills, you can find success in these side hustles. This can unlock more potential in your nursing career.

These opportunities let you adjust them to your schedule and interests. You can improve your work-life balance. Starting a side hustle means more income, discovering new interests, and growing your network.

If you’re looking to add to your income, change your career path, or start an adventure, check out the best side hustles for nurses. These not only bring financial benefits but also let you positively impact healthcare. Embrace the flexibility and opportunities offered by side gigs as a nurse.


What are some top side hustles for nurses to earn extra income?

Some popular side hustles for nurses are paid medical surveys and freelance health writing. Others include becoming an immunization nurse, telehealth nursing, and selling nurse gear.

How can nurses earn extra income with paid medical surveys?

Nurses can join medical surveys by healthcare companies to share their insights. Sites like M3 Global Research and Focus Group Health offer these paid surveys. Incrowd is another platform where nurses can contribute.

How can nurses make extra money as an immunization nurse?

Nurses can give flu shots and vaccines in various places, like healthcare centers and drive-through clinics. They need a nursing license and CPR certification. Also, experience with vaccinations is important.

How can nurses turn their writing skills into a profitable side hustle?

Nurses can write health-based content like articles, blogs, and brochures. They use their medical knowledge to inform readers. Websites such as Freelance Writing Gigs and Upwork provide freelancing opportunities.

What is telehealth nursing and how can nurses pursue it as a side hustle?

Telehealth nursing lets nurses offer care remotely using video calls and digital tools. Nurses need an RN license and computer skills for this. Job sites like Indeed and Nurse.com have telehealth positions.

How can nurses earn extra income by selling their nurse gear?

Nurses can sell used scrubs and medical equipment online. Sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace are good places to start. This helps other healthcare workers save money while earning extra cash.

Why should nurses consider side hustles for extra income?

Side hustles allow nurses to add to their income and grow professionally. They can use their skills in new ways to make more money. It’s a good way to boost financial health.
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