Unlock 7 Incredible Types of Influencer Marketing Strategies

Influencer marketing has grown by 470% from 2016 to 2020. Businesses are using it to reach their audience more authentically.

Influencer marketing uses content creators’ credibility to promote brands. What kinds are there? And which should you use in your campaigns?

I’ll show you the wide variety of strategies. From sponsored content to influencer-driven content on your channels.

Each approach has its benefits for reaching marketing goals.

Ready to explore the world of influencer marketing? Let’s find the best strategies for your brand!

Types of Influencer Marketing

  • There are various types of influencer marketing strategies to choose from.
  • Influencer marketing can provide direct access to a segment of prospects who are more likely to purchase products based on recommendations.
  • Classic sponsored content, affiliate links, contests and giveaways, running influencer content on your channels, brand ambassadors, sponsored blog posts, and PR stunts are some of the popular types of influencer marketing strategies.
  • Successful influencer marketing campaigns involve clear objectives, genuine connections, increased brand visibility, and mutual benefits for both brands and influencers.
  • Planning, communication, and measurement are essential for running efficient influencer marketing campaigns.

The Classic Sponsored Content

Influencer marketing uses classic sponsored content a lot. It’s a proven way to get good results. Influencers create paid posts showing off a brand. These can be photos, videos, or blogs.

For sponsored content to work, it needs to blend in. It should look like the influencer’s usual stuff. They share stories that grab their followers’ attention. This way, they can talk up a brand without turning off their audience.

Brands guide influencers with a campaign brief. This tells them what to do and how to keep the message consistent. They might get paid a set amount or based on how many people click on their post.

Being honest with followers is key. Influencers need to tell them when a post is paid for. They can use a special hashtag or say it’s a partnership. This keeps things clear with their fans.

What makes classic sponsored content work? It uses the influencer’s trust with their audience. When brands pick influencers who fit their values, they reach the right people in a believable way.

In the end, classic sponsored content is still a top choice in influencer marketing. Working together, brands and influencers can make ads that really speak to people. This kind of partnership can boost brand image, expand audience, and bring real results.

Affiliate Links or Discount Codes

Affiliate links and discount codes help earn money and bring deals to fans. They are key in influencer marketing. They help in tracking sales and giving rewards.

Brands give unique links or codes to influencers. This lets them see how well their ads are doing. It shows the level of interest and reach too.

Influencers can guide followers to a brand’s site or store with affiliate links. If someone buys something, the influencer gets a reward. This could be cash or a discount.

These links and codes also give discounts to fans. This makes everyone happy. Fans save money, and influencers earn rewards.

Brands can learn a lot about what customers like. They see who makes the most sales. They also learn what customers want to buy. This helps make better ads in the future.

Affiliate Links or Discount CodesBenefits
1. Trackable Conversion and ReachMeasure the success of influencer marketing efforts and evaluate the reach and effectiveness of each influencer.
2. Incentives for InfluencersReward influencers for their efforts and encourage them to continue promoting your brand.
3. Exclusive Discounts for FollowersOffer followers the opportunity to purchase products at a discounted price, fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction.
4. Data-driven InsightsCollect valuable data on consumer behavior, influencer performance, and customer preferences for future marketing strategies.

By using affiliate links and discount codes, brands can grow. They sell more, get noticed, and work well with influencers. These methods are key for good marketing.

Affiliate Links or Discount Codes

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways create excitement and draw attention to your brand. By offering cool prizes, you can grab the interest of people and get them involved with your brand.

Influencer marketing strategies like these do a lot. They boost your brand’s visibility and get folks talking. The chance to win something makes people want to share with friends, growing your audience.

Also, they’re great for building up your social media presence. Making people like, share, or follow your pages to enter can increase your followers. This makes your brand more lively online.

These events are also super for gathering important customer info. By having people give their contact details or sign up for newsletters, you get data for future marketing.

To make contests even better, mix them with other content. Maybe have people post pictures or videos related to your brand. This drives traffic and shows off your brand through real user experiences.

When teaming up with influencers, payment can differ. Some might prefer free products or discounts instead of cash. This way, influencers can genuinely try and talk about your offerings.

Keys to Successful Contests and Giveaways:

  • Create exciting prizes that match your audience’s interests.
  • Use social media, emails, and influencers to spread the word and get lots of entries.
  • Make sure the rules and how to enter are clear for a fair contest.
  • Talk to people entering by answering their questions and comments.
  • Announce winners openly and thank everyone to keep up a good vibe with your brand.

Bundling contests and giveaways with your marketing efforts is smart. It boosts brand recognition, increases social media fans, gathers customer data, and makes your audience happy.

Running Influencer Content on Your Channels

Utilizing influencer content on your channels is a smart move. It helps boost your brand’s visibility. This method allows you to reach their engaged followers. At the same time, influencers get more recognition.

Working with influencers who have loyal followers means your message is heard by the right people. This increases the chance of cross-promotion and boosts engagement. You benefit from the trust influencers have with their audience.

Influencer collaborations don’t always require direct payment. It’s a win-win where both get more exposure and visibility. This is especially true if the influencer’s content matches your brand’s values and appeals to your audience.

brand exposure

Partnering in this way can also make your brand seem more trustworthy. When influencers endorse you, it strengthens your message. This builds trust and recognition among their followers.

To make the most of influencer content, give the influencers proper credit. Tagging them and sharing their profiles enhances their brand too. It also keeps things clear with your followers.

Cross-promotion broadens your reach and introduces your followers to new influencers. This builds a community around your brand, boosting loyalty. It can lead to long-term support from influencers.

By featuring influencer content, you leverage collaboration to expand your brand. This strategy increases your presence and builds loyalty through the trust influencers have. It’s a powerful way to grow your brand.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are key in building long-term relationships and making your brand more credible. They become your brand’s face, boosting trust, awareness, and interaction with your audience.

These ambassadors work closely with your brand for a while. They make engaging content that hits home with their followers. They authentically promote your new products and share their real experiences.

By working with various influencers, your brand gets seen more, creating strong campaign momentum. Each ambassador has their own style and audience, helping your brand reach new people.

Current customers and followers are great as brand ambassadors because they already like your brand. Their support means more because it’s genuine and influential.

Benefits of Brand Ambassadors:

  • Increased Credibility: Brand ambassadors enhance your brand’s trustworthiness by sharing their positive experiences.
  • Amplified Brand Visibility: Working with ambassadors gets your brand in front of their followers, widening your exposure.
  • Authentic Content Creation: Ambassadors create real and interesting content that speaks to their fans.
  • Long-Term Partnerships: Long partnerships with ambassadors mean ongoing promotions and real connections.
  • Targeted Audience Reach: Ambassadors draw in specific audiences, ensuring the right people see your brand.

Achieving Success with Brand Ambassadors:

To get the most from your brand ambassador program, set clear goals. Open and effective teamwork between your brand and the ambassadors is crucial.

It’s vital to assess how well your ambassador program is doing. Check engagement, sales, and how people feel about your brand. This helps you improve and get a good return on your investment.

Key Success FactorsHow to Achieve Them
AuthenticityChoose ambassadors who match your brand’s ideals and truly love your products.
Clear GuidelinesGive your ambassadors clear instructions that cover what you expect and your campaign’s goals.
Collaborative ApproachAlways communicate openly and honestly with your ambassadors to build a strong bond.
CompensationPay your ambassadors fairly, considering their reach, engagement, and what you ask them to do.

In conclusion, brand ambassadors are a big help in your marketing. They build trust, make your brand more visible, and create genuine content. By forming lasting relationships with ambassadors, you can enhance your brand’s trust and visibility.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Sponsored blog posts are a smart move for influencer marketing. They give brands big exposure and SEO boosts. And, they last longer than social media posts.

When an influencer writes a sponsored post, they dive deep. They match it to what their followers like. And they show the brand in the best light. These posts pack in a lot of detail about what the brand offers.

Sponsored posts get noticed by search engines. They can pop up in search results when people look for certain info. This brings more visitors to a brand’s website. And that can lead to more sales.

These posts also link back to the brand’s website. This can make the website more popular in search engine rankings. It’s a big deal for SEO. And it attracts more visitors over time.

Choosing the right influencers is key. They should know a lot about the brand’s field. They can share deep insights. And create posts that speak to their followers while promoting the brand well.

In short, sponsored blog posts mix influencer marketing and SEO in a powerful way. They’re seen by search engines for a long time. And they share rich details about brands. This makes them great for boosting a brand’s online image.

sponsored blog posts

PR Stunts

PR stunts are a unique way for brands to get noticed and create excitement. When they team up with influencers, these stunts can spark a fear of missing out (FOMO) in their audience. Using influencers’ reach, brands can make their stunts spread like wildfire.

Creativity is crucial for a PR stunt to succeed. It’s about coming up with an idea that grabs attention and stands out. The goal is to create a buzz and get your brand or product on everyone’s lips.

Working with influencers is key to a stunt’s success. They have followers who trust what they say. Their approval can make your stunt reach further and hit harder. Plus, it adds a touch of realism and relatability to what you’re doing.

To work well with influencers, clear communication is a must. Tell them what you aim to achieve and what you expect from them. Give them the tools they need and let them add their personal flair. But, make sure they stay true to your brand’s message.

But remember, what happens after a PR stunt is just as important as the stunt itself. Watch how people react and interact with them. Answer their questions and encourage them to talk about their experience. This keeps the buzz going longer.

Benefits of PR Stunts

Done well, PR stunts can bring lots of advantages to your brand:

  • Generate buzz and excitement
  • Create a fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • Increase brand visibility and recognition
  • Broaden your reach and target new audiences
  • Enhance brand credibility and authenticity
  • Spark conversations and engagement
  • Drive traffic and increase sales

Planning your next marketing drive? Think about adding a PR stunt with influencers. It might just be the spark you need to stand out in a crowded field.


Influencer marketing has changed the game for brand marketing. It offers a strong way for brands to grow their reach and sales. By teaming up with influencers, brands can meet their marketing goals and connect well with their audience.

Setting clear goals is vital for successful influencer marketing. Brands need to know what they want to achieve. They also have to share these goals with their influencers. This makes sure everyone is working together towards the same end.

It’s important for brands to build real connections with the audience. Influencers are followed for their realness, so collaborations should feel true. This honesty helps raise brand visibility, creates positive feelings, and boosts sales.

Running successful influencer marketing campaigns takes careful planning and continuous talking. Brands need to plan well, thinking about who they want to reach and choosing the right influencers. They have to keep in touch with influencers to keep things moving smoothly.

They also need to keep checking how the campaign is doing. This helps them make their influencer marketing better in the future. By doing this, brands can improve and get the most out of their efforts.


What are the types of influencer marketing strategies?

Influencer marketing strategies include various approaches. These are classic sponsored content, affiliate links or discount codes, and contests and giveaways. Other strategies are running influencer content on your channels, having brand ambassadors, sponsored blog posts, and PR stunts.

What is classic sponsored content?

Classic sponsored content is a paid post that highlights a brand’s products. This could be a photo, video, or blog. It works well when it appears natural and tells a relatable story.

How do affiliate links or discount codes work in influencer marketing?

Brands give influencers unique links or codes to share. Influencers help drive sales and track the brand’s growth. They earn a commission when their followers buy through these links or codes.

What are contests and giveaways in influencer marketing?

Contests and giveaways offer prizes for interacting with a brand. This boosts brand recognition, grows social followers, and gathers consumer info. Mixing giveaways with other content attracts more visitors.

How can I run influencer content on my own channels?

Collaborate with influencers to show their content on your platforms. This benefits both your brand and the influencer. It helps them grow their brand while bringing their followers to you.

What are brand ambassadors in influencer marketing?

Brand ambassadors are people who represent your brand. They help build trust and spread awareness. They work with the brand for a long time, sharing various content and highlighting new products.

How does sponsored blog posts benefit brands in influencer marketing?

Sponsored blog posts boost SEO since they last longer than social media content. Blogs get indexed by search engines, offering lasting visibility. They draw ongoing traffic to your site.

How can PR stunts be executed with influencers?

Include influencers in PR stunts to use their reach for more impact. Creative ideas and working well with influencers make stunts more successful. They help get more attention.

What makes a successful influencer marketing campaign?

A successful campaign needs clear goals and authentic engagement. It should improve brand visibility and feelings toward the brand. Ensuring both brands and influencers benefit is key. Good planning, talking things through, and measuring results are crucial.
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